Waterproofing… undoubtedly the most neglected & under rated component, when building any structure. The building & construction industry in WA, is plagued with issues, relating to the incorrect installation of waterproofing membrane systems, by untrained & inexperienced personnel, or those Builders, who believe that ‘cutting corners’ can save valuable time.

Our community in general, pays very little attention to waterproofing, through a lack of knowledge, & the arrogant belief that ‘anyone can paint black s**t on a wall’. These attitudes, have led to many of the most spectacular failures we have investigated over the years, clearly illustrating that a trained, experienced, endorsed professional waterproofer, should always be called in to provide their opinion, advice, & expertise.

The damage water ingression causes to any structure, is simply horrendous, & if left undetected, will prove very costly. For example, if not detected early, water ingression can oxidise the rio bar in a concrete slab, expand, & literally blow the concrete apart, creating not only a financial nightmare, but an unsafe structure, one that may be deemed uninhabitable.

A leaking shower recess, for example, is no quick fix if not caught early. The remedial works will attract the services of Tilers, Plasterers, Carpenters, Waterproofers, & Plumbers, providing the home owners with logistical nightmares, & huge inconvenience, should the home be a 3×1 (for arguments sake).

Incorrect materials, incompetent applicators, inexperience, & a failure to adhere to the Suppliers recommendations, constitute the main reasons for waterproofing failures. Strict application guidelines apply to every waterproofing membrane system, outlining curing times, dry film thickness, priming agents, approved temperature thresholds etc, which must be read & understood, PRIOR to application.

Unfortunately, waterproofing in Western Australia, unlike the Eastern States, is horribly unpoliced & unregulated. Specialised products can be found on the shelves of local hardware outlets, staffed with no-one even remotely experienced or qualified to offer accurate advice.

We have been extremely fortunate over the years, blessed to have worked for truly outstanding Builders, those who respect Waterproofing as an integral element of their project, & who look to us to solve the issue, or prevent it from happening in the first place.

These valued Clients have involved us in the following projects, to name just a few:

  • Hillarys Marina, (roof box gutters)
  • Karratha Centro Shopping centre, (roof box gutters)
  • Rio Tinto Dampier (entire roof of the CCR control tower)
  • Windan Bridge East Perth, (gutter liners)
  • Perth Arena (plugging high pressure leaks in the sheet piling)
  • Zenith Apartments, West Perth (wet areas, balconies, planters, concrete sealing)
  • Aurora Apartments, East Perth (courtyards, walkways)
  • Seaview Apartments, Bunbury (Rooftops, service platforms, concrete sealing)
  • Waterproofing content
  • Albany Regional Hospital, (box gutters)
  • East Perth Train Station, all areas under concrete suspended pavers)
  • Methodist Ladies College (concrete sealing)
  • Presbyterian Ladies College (suspended concrete slabs
  • Christchurch Grammar, (slab edges, planter boxes, retaining walls)

Our Clientele rely on us for our extensive product knowledge, & experience, punctuality, reliability, honesty, & transparency, being one of very few Waterproofing companies in WA, to possess such traits.