About Akaroa Projects

Although Akaroa Projects Pty Ltd only began trading in 2007, our wealth of experience dates back to 1972, when John started an apprenticeship as a Butynol fixer in Christchurch New Zealand. Following his former employer to Perth in 1987, John  continued to set the benchmark for Butynol installations.

In May 1996, Leon began an intensive traineeship with John in the west Australian building industry, as a waterproofer, becoming proficient in every aspect of our day to day business, specialising in all liquid applied membrane systems, torch applied sheet membranes, & peel & stick sheet membranes.

Akaroa Projects Pty Ltd a professional waterproofing company has been at the fore front of servicing the waterproofing needs of hundreds of Home owners, Builders, Architects & Property developers state wide, by either fixing existing leaks, or initiating preventative measures during construction.

For professional waterproofing services throughout Australia and overseas call us today!